Dolphins and Sea Lions are from Show Business

Watched the “Wonderful World of Dolphins and Sea Lions” with Sharon and Family (Sioty and Yohannce), Ruth and Cathy at the Mall of Asia last Saturday… My first time to watch dolphins and sea lions perform in the Philippines… though I’ve watched the dolphin and sea lions show in Ocean Park in Hong Kong already… The experience watching here and there is quite different…

For one, you can watch with more friends since it’s more accessible… the host was able to put on a very interactive show… the crowd was as much a part of the show as the dolphins and sea lions… Since, this was a smaller show; you can have a closer interaction with the performers… the dolphins and sea lions… Of course, the show half as fun without seeing the children having a good time… I bet Yohannce had a great time too…

Dolphins and sea lions are really performers in their own right… they’re smart… agile… skilled… and playful creatures… They love people and people love them… Anyway, learned the trick in training them back at Whiskers Show in Ocean Park… You have to feed them fish for every trick they do… and they develop close bond with their trainers…

Wherever the location, dolphins and sea lions have tremendous showmanship… an entertainer to the last swim… and that I guess is a very long long swim…


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