Christmas in Hong Kong

As I made a side trip (a.k.a. vacation) in Hong Kong coming from the Board Meeting in China, I had a glimpse of Christmas in Hong Kong…

I was able to chance upon the decors at Times Square at Causeway Bay and Statue Square in Central… I guess the decors and the lights are not as elaborate as here in the Philippines where every street corner would remind you of the Christmas Season… Funny thing, in the statue square that they have filled it up with different Christmas decors that the statue in the park was quite out of place… Maybe, they should have given him a Santa’s hat…

I did enjoy the different feel of Christmas in Hong Kong… quite the same yet still very much different… and makes you remember that Christmas is still a more festive celebration in the Philippines, despite the tougher times… I’m now glad to be back and enjoy the usual Christmas in the Philippines – shared with family and friends (quite exciting that some friends who’s working out of the country are also now back to spend the holidays here)… Hmmm… a lot of things to look forward to…

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2 Responses to Christmas in Hong Kong

  1. rondz says:

    wow. it seems like you’re doing a lot of fun stuff. waaaah.. i wanna go on vacation too. i just keep on working and working.. but im looking forward to going to melbourne this christmas.

  2. Franc says:

    trying to enjoy as much as I can for in a few months its gonna be work… work… and a lot of work… have a wonderful christmas in melbourne…

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