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I have uploaded some of my compilations of literary stuff I made in college under the Litmix portion of and it contains a collection of short stories and poems I made in college. The style is quite raw coming from a writer who was passionate with writing but still had to further develop his skills. Anyway, decided not to alter much of how I previously wrote the stories just as a timestamp of the writer I was then…

There are two main short stories, one is a tall tale – or a story which most likely would not happen but given the right mix of a humor in your mind… you might just end up laughing… I hope. It’s a story about ZXIOXZ (pronounced ZIYOKS), a ruler of a fictitious galaxy who has the aspiration of conquering the energy infested Earth… The stories provide an interesting twist on how Earth was able to withstand this uprising…

The next is Factual Fiction – a tale about the Nowhere Kingdom, which was somehow a phase we encounter where we are confused, disillusioned, depressed or heart-broken. The Nowhere Kingdom started with one of the art exhibit of The Pinion Arts Guild, which was the artist side of The Pinion, the official paper in our college, where I was once Editor-in-Chief. We had portrayed three people… one who aspired for greatness but failed… another who was confused… and another who always dream of being a hero but turned out otherwise… The plot was interesting for me enough that I had to convince my adviser then to allow me to write a story about this interesting group of people… Then the story of the kingdom started and I started writing several stories about the kingdom trying to paint a gloomy scenario yet always ending with a glimmer of hope… In the middle of the story, I introduced the first female main character in the Kingdom characterizing the emotion of dejection.

Before I ended the story of the Nowhere Kingdom, I somehow manage to make the world of ZXIOXZ and the beings of the Nowhere Kingdom interact in another story… after which, I had to write how the kingdom finally ended…

There are also several interesting poems which I have and will still be uploading in the future… so I hope you can take some time and browse some of my previous compilations and hopefully, you’ll also enjoy some of the literary stuff I’ve made back then. I hope one day I can relive the passion and hopefully time would permits be able to write stuff like this again… but I guess that has to wait…

Note: Please start reading from the oldest post so as to follow the stories sequence..

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