Home Sweet Home… At last

After 8 days in China, I’m finally back in the Philippines… Well considering I’ve been under 4 degrees weather temperature reading, most of the populace not understanding a single word you say, recurring meals in Shandong, an 8 hour delay in Jinan, booking a new flight in Hangzhou, almost missing my flight in Hangzhou and finally, another hor delay at the plane in Hangzhou… I really relish the fact that I’m now back home… Home, Sweet Home… Of course, apart from all the uncertainties from the trip, I still consider my trip a test of will, character and a great learning experience… Well, whatever can’t kill you can only make you stronger…

There are still a lot of upside in this trip… the cold foggy days in Shandong is a welcome change in environment… it also added to mysticism to the park in Shandong plus there are a lot of good buys in Shandong since the price is really low… In Hangzhou, the West Lake was splendid… The lifestyle in Hangzhou is very similar to the city life I’m used to and plus I get to see our brand new office and factory in Hangzhou…

Still, a lot to look forward to here… I get to drive again my car… I get to start chasing my workload again… I get to go to the gym again and of course, friends and families get together… I can only look forward for a few days since in 8 days time… I’ll be back in China again… Such a hectic life… but nonetheless, an exciting one that unravels itself each passing moment…


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