Amazing Race China

My trip to China has turned from utterly boring to extremely exciting…

I’m in the middle of my weeklong trip to China… My first stop was in Shandong, which is a province in China… It’s a bit boring in Shandong especially since there’s not much place to visit… We get to go home at 5… eat the same food… quite a routine life which I never was used to live… I did get to enjoy the visit at the park though since it was extremely cold … and really extremely foggy… visibility is about 20 to 30 m…

Probably out of all the monotomy, something interesting came about… Yesterday our plane got delayed due to the foggy weather… and mind you this isn’t the regular delay I used to experience in PAL (plane always late)… We got stucked in Jinan airport for more than 8 hours… How exciting can that be??? Being stuck in a foreign airport where english is not a primary language… It’s a good thing one of the auditors know hot to speak chinese.. I really should start learning the dialect… and worst since we arrive so late, we had to take a cab to the hotel instead of the usual company pick up…

Well, it was a first hand experience at how it felt to be in the Amazing Race… Well, I’m in Hangzhou now… We still have to rebook our tickets to take Hangzhou – HK – Philippines instead of Hangzhou-Jinan-HK-Philippines… The race goes on…


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