SMS to Start my Day

Got two forwarded SMS early this morning that was quite interesting and here it goes:

“Our lives are books & each is a page. We can’t erase what has already been written but we can always try to write a better ending.”

This is the same perception on how I see how life is… Life gives us choices… At times, luck won’t be on our side… At times, we make wrong choices… At times, we fail… BUT life always has to continue with every breath you take… AND even the worst of situations are always meant to give us something – strength of character and determination to rise… We can’t change a part of the past, because we are who we are by the choices we make… Its always our choice to stagnate or grow up… and learn that life has more to offer than fragments of our past…

“Wen ur out der luking 4 dat prfct prsOn, kip dis thngs in mind; Ppol change nO matr hw hrd dey try nOt 2. As u grow oldr, u mature & w/ each new levl of maturity comes dfrnt ideas, dfrnt nids & wnts. D prsn hu was prfct 4 u at 18 cud b d prsn u hate at 25 or 30. U hv 2 find sum1 hu wil grow w/u, change w/u, laf w/u & cry w/u. A prsn hu fils in wer u lack. Remmber dat der’s no such prfct prsn n dis world bt der wil alwys b sum1 hu wil complte u…”

Quite a mushy and long SMS, well for once, I’ll try to be mushy. I always strived at perfection in fact, I wasn’t really looking for the perfect girl but I was looking at how I could be the perfect guy for a girl… and come to think of it, we weren’t really meant to be perfect, since we are meant to find something or someone who would complete us… Relationships are not meant to be perfect but it’s about two imperfect individuals complementing their imperfections and creating a chemistry that can withstand time, space and circumstances… So much for perfection…

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