New Beginnings

Stories become interesting when it’s disected into meaningful chapters… It gives one a chance to look back at the chapter that has passed and digest where the story is leading the protagonist… a suspense-filled cross road which may make or unmake a story…

An interlude is the phase I can say where I am… Neither here nor there… A chapter of my life has ended after graduate studies… a lot more free time which was now spent on the gym and at times on travel… So what’s next???

I decided to live life by the day so that I can relish each experience and event in my life yet at the same time prepare a bit for the future… I thought that I should start designing life for the future but I realized what’s the thrill if you can’t enjoy the present… Sometimes, a little spice makes life sweeter… The important thing is I know what I want and I guess, I’ll let life take me where it leads… so just bring it!!!


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